Educational values at the school are not limited to academic achievement. The school recognizes the need for personality development which extends beyond the walls of the class room. The extra cuirricular activities at the school are numerous and carefully monitored for maximum benefits.

Extra-curricular Activities
Student Council  
The Student Council consist of a Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Prefects of the four Houses and Presidents of various societies. A student council is nominated every year. It comprises of students from the A'Level and Class Representative from class IX, X, XI.
Art Society  

An Annual art exhibition provides an opportunity for the students to exhibit their work. Students have been regularly participating in winning competitions, within the country and abroad.

Prominent artists of the country are invited as guest speakers and to view exhibitions of students. They also conduct workshops at the school.

Business and Economics Society  
The Business and Economics society aims at honing entrepreneurial skills of the students by furthering the awareness of financial and marketing concepts via lively interactive presentations. An Annual Inter School Marketing Competition is held to develop advertisement campaigns for existing firms.

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Debating Society  
Many of Lahore's acclaimed schools avidly participate in the Annual Lahore Grammar School Debating Challenge Cup. The LGS Debating Society has made its mark at inter-collegiate competitions. Students have represented Pakistan abroad in public speaking competitions in Singapore and the U.K. Our students have also been chosen to represent Pakistan at the Annual World Schools Debating Championship in 2004, 2006 and 2007 recently.
Design & Dynamics Society  
The Design and Dynamics Society is primarily concerned with nurturing innovative ideas and translating them into contemporary material designs. Besides, the society is engaged in school-level introduction of competitions carrying national and international eminence. They allow for a fusion of imagination and modern technology.
Dramatics Society
LGS Dramatics Society has gained great acclaim in Lahore theatre circles for their annual productions in English and Urdu - from the smash hit musical "Grease" to the classic "Importance of Being Ernest" to the humorous "Mouse Trap". Upper school and A' Levels are also involved in small-scale productions throughout the year including plays and impromptu skits.

English Society  

The English Literary Society encourages students to enhance their critical reading skills via appreciation of literary works. As a result the society organises an Annual Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition. An Inter Class Reading Week with interpretive reading, poetry writing workshops is arranged by them.

Environment & Heritage Society  
“This planet is a loan to us from our children.” With this in mind the environment and heritage society aims to create awareness regarding the urgent need for preservation of nature by planting tree sapplings on the Mall, carrying out drives for greater afforestation.
IT Society  

The IT Society aims to promote knowledge of the development and use of multimedia technology through training programmes and seminars. For the first time, the society is holding a Digital photography Competition in 2007. They are responsible for developing and updating the school website as well.

Law Society  
LGS Law society organizes seminars with a panel of distinguished legislators and field trips to the Punjab Assembly and Secretariat in order to make the students more politically and socially informed. It encourages active participation by students through mini mock trials and class room discussions.
Mathematician Society  

The purpose of the Math-letics Society is to promote interest in Mathematics as a subject by helping students recognize their talents. They Participate in national and international mathematical competitions, organize interschool and interclass competitions, invite guest speakers to talk to the students such as mathematicians and professionals working in mathematical fields, and also organize field trips for the students.

Music Society  
The Music Society provides a platform for budding musicians by organizing vocal training classes and instrument playing sessions. They regularly arrange the choir singing session for the school to hear and enjoy. They are responsible for the Annual LGS Defence Charity Concert.

Peer Teaching Society  
The Peer Teaching Society is a society that aims to improve the academic records of students facing any sort of difficulty in their studies. The Peer Teachers play an important role in the academic lives of the Grammarians by aiding them from personal experience and by interactive learning. They also aid students to excel in their respective subjects.
Science Society  
Science is the key which unlocks for mankind the storehouses of nature. The Science Society follows a similar motto by engaging students in project designing, research into latest areas on scientific development on a school level. They also host the Annual LGS Science Fair for institutions in Lahore. They participate in National Science Competitions regularly.
Social Work Society  
LGS Social Work Society organizes events to spread awareness regarding different causes, raise funds for charities. Beneficiaries of the LGS Annual Carnival include the Edhi Trust, WAR, Shaukat Khanum Hospital, SOS, Children's Hospital and the Rising Sun School for Special Children. Representatives from welfare organizations are regularly called to conduct informal information sessions among senior students.
Sports Society  
The Physical Education program is an essential part of the school curriculum. A riding programme has been initiated. Team sports such as volleyball, softball and netball are regular features. Students have distinguished themselves at the Inter-School, Inter-Division and National Level, as well as representing Pakistan at the SAF Games.

Urdu Society  
The Urdu Literary Society has been established to encourage students to participate in literature based activities including drama, debates, and reading week in our national language. Planning, collecting and editing material for the school magazine goes on throughout the year.
Extra-curricular Activities  

Guest Speakers at LGS  

After-school clubs & classes include:

Art Club
Ballet Club
Chess Club
Classical Singing
Crafts Club
Drumming Club
French Club
Guitar Club
Kathak Club
Handwriting Club
Jewellery Design Club
Riding Club
Sitar Club
Swimming Club
Sports Club

Mensa Members from LGS  

MENSA is an international society whose only qualification for membership is a score in the top 2% of the general population on a standardized intelligence test. A number of girls from LGS Defence have got into MENSA Pakistan after taking the annual MENSA test conducted in Lahore.

Some MENSANS from LGS Defence:

From A'level batch of 2006

Anam Nadeem Baig
Saadia Qayyum
Ifrah Zawar

From A' level batch of 2007

Shaiza Qayyum
Ayesha Shaheryar
Saman Hussain

Seeds of Peace  

Seeds of Peace is a non-profit and non-political organisation that helps teenagers from regions of conflict to learn the skills of making peace. A safe and supportive environment is created where youngsters can air their views and learn, listen, communicate and acquire conflict resolution techniques that allow them to develop empathy for one another. The Seeds of Peace director of education visited Pakistan for the selection of children. Among the 12 students (all 15 or under) chosen as Pakistan's first Seeds of Peace, three were from Lahore Grammar School, Defence.

Fun at LGS  
Developed by Shaiza Qayyum, President IT Society, Batch 2007 of LGS Defence.