Mission Statement

The LGS International Degree Programme has created an academic environment which encourages learning to better serve the world in the twenty-first century.

The learner in the higher educational stream is encouraged to be curious about intellectual questions and the courses taught are designed to provide students opportunities to sift through competing perspectives of the truth thereby creating an ethos of intellectual diversity.

In a world dominated by digitalisation the courses of study in the LGS International Degree Programme educate students to develop skills in analysing and interpreting digital data along with acquiring the principles of business intelligence.

The Programme endeavours to provide a collaborative learning experience which fosters respect for diversity and encourages cooperation between people and cultures across the world.

Students enrolled in the LGS International Degree Programme are made to realise that learning is a life-long process which culminates in action in order to benefit humanity and nurture life on our planet, in all its permutations.