Facilities, Resources & Services
In order to establish an environment conducive to learning, the school provides its students with a cheerful, friendly ambience and ensures that each student receives individual attention and supervision.

The following services are provided at all times to assist students:
Students Services Office
The office provides advice and counselling on non-academic matters on a confidential basis.
Academic Counsellors and College Counsellors
The counsellors provide students with advice on a rage of academic matter including course related decisions and future career progression. College representatives, both local and foreign, regularly visit the school for information session. Admissions to colleges and universities are also processed by the Counselling Office.
Personal Tutor System
All students can seek the help of our Peer Teachers Society members. The role of these members is to work with the Student Services Office and Academic Counsellors in helping students overcome academic problems at all times.
Custom-made laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and IT are equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus required for O and A Level practical work. Highest safety standards are observed.
The school library includes a large variety of research material for all classes. The library subscribes to several international and national publications. It also has a multimedia collection of the latest CD-ROMs, classic films and audio cassettes. Shakespeare, Chaucer, Shaw are well represented. The librarians are fully trained in library management.