LGS Model United Nations
The Lahore Grammar School Model United Nations is a four day international conference, aimed at emulating the environment within the United Nations. Students from across the nation, and the world are made to compete for a coveted Best Delegate Award, and engage with each other. The conference works towards building character and exposing students to both, competitive and informative atmospheres, that prompt them to think of pragmatic and realistic solutions to the problems the world faces today. The conference is an educational tool in that participants are not only more aware of foreign policy and the stances espoused by different nations, but also become well versed in the concepts that govern behaviour in the world today; things such as sovereignty, intervention, and human rights.

The event also keeps in mind the illustrious culture our city has to offer, with social events at Havelis in Old Lahore. Our social responsibility programme also encourages delegates to partake in meaningful, intellectual activities that give back to the community at large. This gives delegates the room to grow and make memories outside of the committee room. The conference has a longstanding affiliation with the Prestigious LUMUN Society, whose members help us to ensure that the quality of debate at throughout the entirety of the conference remains at an all time high. A distinctive feature of LGSMUN is the Geneva Confrontation, where the best delegates from every committee battle out their skills in a final confrontation. No preparation is allowed for this segment, as delegates will rely solely on their intuition to solve global crises. It is conducted in front of a live audience, which also votes on the document that is to be the ultimate resolution of the conflict presented.
About LGSMUN Society
Our Model United Nations Society has remained the most prestigious in the nation; having won Best Delegation Awards at National and International Conferences, Lahore Grammar School Defence has produced some of the finest MUN-ners to date. The most notable conferences Defence has won include Harvard Model United Nations India, LUMS Model United Nations, Aitchison College Model United Nations, Lahore Grammar School Johar Town Model United Nations, The City School Model United Nations, SICAS Model United Nations, and many more. The society, previously known as the Youth Leadership Initiative Society, has been sure to incorporate community service as a part of the programme; in a world where conflict arises due to a lack or resources, as well as where starvation and disease is the norm, learning to give back to those who are less privileged has always been on the agenda. Over time, the society has collaborated with SOS Village, Global Zero, The Care Foundation, The Aabroo Foundation, and various government schools.
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