LGS M.A.T.C.H (Mechatronics, Aerospace, Technology and Calculations Hub) provides science devotees a platform to showcase their skills and diversity at a high school level, thus promoting a general appreciation for general sciences in an effective and interactive environment. Promising to be an event that caters to the interests of all, LGS M.A.T.C.H 3.0 gives participants the opportunity to compete in various categories that will challenge their understanding of fundamental principles and methodologies and ultimately allow them to develop the ability to apply these concepts in practical situations in order to monitor, manipulate and control systems. In doing so, the delegates will inevitably develop the necessary skills to explore the mind maze that is modern science.

Lahore Grammar School Defence prides itself on being one of the most well-reputed and prestigious educational institutions. Exemplifying both academic and extracurricular excellence, the school has pioneered and hosted a plethora of intellectually stimulating competitions. LGS Defence is eager to welcome you to one of the most highly anticipated science olympiads of the year, LGS MATCH! We hope you love our red brick building as much as we do!
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