School Fee Policy
Fee is charged quarterly
Fee for the upcoming term is charged at the time of admission.
Fee bills are issued to students ten days before the due date. The issue date is the first day of the new quarter. New quarters start respectively in January, April, July and October.
A fine of Rs.25/- per day will be levied in case of late payment.
Students who have not paid their fee will not be allowed to attend classes or sit for examinations.
Fee must be paid for the entire term irrespective of illness, absence or early withdrawal.
Registration, admission and tuition fee are non- refundable in all circumstances.
The fee structure of the school may be revised without notice.
Security deposit must be collected within six months of leaving school.
The security deposit is non-refundable if the student leaves before completion of the academic year. An A Level student must complete both A I and A II to be eligible for a security refund.
A one month notice is required for withdrawal of a student from school.
Parents are informed that LGS fee is to be paid quarterly.

Parents are informed that LGS Defence fee is to be paid quarterly i.e every three months, over the full calendar year.