The curriculum at Lahore Grammar School Defence is based on the Integrative Educational Model. Higher level of intelligence is the result of a dynamic interactive environment, which favours optimal development in students. Most traditional educational programmes focus on the cognitive areas of intellect and provide avenues only to enhance the growth of cognition in the curriculum. Research, however, indicates that intelligence can no longer be defined as only a rational process. It requires not just the use of the rational thinking function, but depends on the integration of the feeling emotional function, the sensing function, and the intuitive thinking function as well. While we can speak of and experience these functions separately, it is their integration that creates high levels of intelligence and optimal development of human potential. 

Emphasis is laid on the understanding of concepts, therefore research, independent work and interpersonal skills are strongly encouraged from an early age. The School has devised a 21st Century Inquiry Programme which encourages students to debate on global issues which are relevant to learning for 21st century.

In accordance with its educational philosophy, the school offers many extra-curricular activities to enrich student life. During the school year students go out on field trips, visit museums, art exhibitions, book fairs, libraries and cultural centres. Sports and art activities are organized regularly.

At Lahore Grammar School Defence, music, debates and drama are a part of the school programme. The school philosophy requires the administration to prepare students who are capable of accepting the challenges of a fast changing world. Hence, special emphasis is laid on developing 21st Century skills.

The excellence of the core program of the school is evident from the fact that students of the school regularly achieve World Distinctions in the O and A Level examinations, thereby gaining entrance into centres of excellence in academia around the globe. 

To further enrich our existing academic programme, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme has also been introduced in the school curriculum from March 2014 from Preschool to Grade VI.