Welcome to LGS Defence International Degree Programme
LGS Defence shall aspire to create an academic environment which will enable learning to better serve the world in the twenty-first century. The programme shall endeavour for a collaborative learning experience, which is humane and fosters respect for diversity. It will thus encourage freedom of expression and a respect for human rights across the world. 

The educational programme at LGS Defence shall stimulate intellectual curiosity and exploration, thereby, encouraging the release of human potential, both intellectual and affective. Students shall be encouraged to be self-reliant, critical thinkers, who realise that learning is a life-long process which culminates into action, in order to benefit humanity and nurture life in all its permutations. The university shall create an awareness of environmental issues facing our planet and shall endeavour to foster co-operation between people across the globe.
Dr. Neelam Hussain
Rector, LGS Defence International Degree Programme
Director, LGS Defence