Elementary School Programme

The Elementary School Programme at LGS Defence enhances and evolves the values taught in the Early Years. Empathy, personal development and the exploration of identity on individual and collective levels take centre stage. Our teaching methods focus on achieving personal and academic success within a global context. By taking a transdisciplinary approach to inquiry, we construct a vast yet balanced curriculum that keeps learners at its core. Conceptual clarity, connectivity and the relevance of subject matter all synergize to propel students towards a genuine love for learning.

To sustain the requirements of a lifelong learning journey, students are provided with constant avenues for self-expression. The cultivation of self-expression engenders confidence, aids in building relationships, and forms the foundation for open, student-led classroom discourse and discussion. Students are encouraged to practice active learning, where they are encouraged to exercise their curiosity, decision making faculties, assess risks and observe the impact of their actions on not just themselves, but the learning community at large. Our hands-on, experiential approach to learning transcends subject materials and places our students into real-world settings. With a broad spectrum of extra-curricular activities, community service projects and field trips, analysis is not just an academic process, but one that involves a student’s concentric circle.

In this way, students are conditioned to take ownership of their learning and their positionality as members of various communities, as global citizens.

Elementary School