The ACCA syllabus consists of 13 papers divided into four levels:

Knowledge – 3 papers

Skills – 6 papers

Essentials – 2 papers

Options – 2 papers from 4


This module, which includes papers AB (F1) to FA (F3), is the starting point on your way to achieving your ACCA qualification. Once you have passed all 3 papers, you can continue to the ACCA Skills module.

F1 AB Accountant in Business

F2 MA Management Accounting

F3 FA Financial Accounting


Comprising modules LW (F4) to FM (F9), this module examines the principle technical subjects of which you are expected to have an advanced understanding. These subjects include Law, Taxation, Auditing and Financial Management, Financial Reporting and Performance Management. You will develop knowledge and skills in these subject areas, reaching a level of knowledge equivalent to a Bachelor's degree.

F4 LW Corporate and Business Law

F5 PM Performance Management

F6 TX Taxation

F7 FR Financial Reporting

F8 AA Audit & Assurance

F9 FM Financial Management


This module is called Essentials as it will provide you with the specialised skills and techniques required to become an expert accountant, either in a consultancy or high-level advisory role. Each of the 2 ACCA papers is assessed with a 3-hour paper-based exam.

SBL Strategic Business Leader

SBR Strategic Business Reporting


Choose any 2 from 4

This module requires you to select 2 ACCA papers to study from a choice of 4, allowing you to tailor your programme to suit your requirements, interests and career aspirations. 3-hour, paper-based exams will test your knowledge of each paper.

P4 AFM Advanced Financial Management

P5 APM Advanced Performance Management

P6 ATX Advanced Taxation

P7 AAA Advanced Audit & Assurance